Billing At myPennMedicine

The healthcare industry has undergone significant changes as technology continues to evolve. Online portals have been introduced to provide patients with all the necessary health-related information and services. One such portal is myPennMedicine, which allows patients to access their medical records, prescriptions, test results and make billing.

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Additionally, it provides them with the convenience of paying bills online. Here you will find the billing process at myPennMedicine. Various features it offers, payment methods, and some frequently asked questions are covered here.

Features of myPennMedicine Billing

The portal has many features designed to simplify the billing process for patients. It allows them to view all their medical bills in one place rather than receiving separate bills for each hospital or clinic visit. It also provides accurate information about what invoices are due and when. Patients can also:

  • Review billing statements and transaction history
  • Review payment history
  • Update insurance information
  • Set up payment plans
  • Request estimates for scheduled treatments or procedures

Patients can access the billing feature of myPennMedicine by clicking on the “Billing” tab. It will take them to a page to see their account balance, payment due date, bills, and other information.

Payment Methods

myPennMedicine offers multiple payment methods, adding to the convenience of the patients. Here are some common payment methods listed below:

  • Online Payment

Online bill payment is a fast and secure way to pay medical bills, such as co-pays, deductibles, and balances owed to your healthcare provider. The portal accepts payments through MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Patients can save their preferred payment method for future transactions.

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Transfer

This payment method is available for recurring payments and can be used to pay bills automatically. Patients must provide their bank account and routing number, and payments will automatically transfer in full or installments based on the selected payment plan.

  • Personal Check or Money Order

Patients can mail checks or money order payments to the myPennMedicine payment processing center. The address is available on the billing statement.

  • In-Person Payment

Patients can make cash, check, or card payments by visiting the myPennMedicine patient financial services center.


The myPennMedicine portal has provided a state-of-the-art facility to the patients. It has streamlined the billing process, making it convenient for patients to access their medical bills, pay them online, set up payment plans, and request estimates for scheduled treatments or procedures. 

It offers multiple payment methods, making it easier for patients to choose their preferred mode of payment. With the rapid advancement in technology in the healthcare industry, we hope to see more innovative technologies to provide patients with improved healthcare experiences.


How do I access my billing information on myPennMedicine?

To view your billing information, login to your myPennMedicine account, and click the Billing tab.

How can I pay my medical bills through myPennMedicine?

Patients can pay their medical bills through multiple methods using myPennMedicine. They can make payments online, through the automated clearing house transfer, personal check or money order, or in person.

How can I set up a payment plan for my medical bills?

Patients can set up a payment plan by calling the myPennMedicine Billing Department or by visiting the patient financial services center. Personalized payment plans can be created based on the patient’s financial situation.

Can I request an estimate for scheduled treatments or procedures?

Yes, patients can request estimates for scheduled treatments or procedures through myPennMedicine. They can provide their insurance details and request a cost estimate for potential out-of-pocket expenses.

How can I update my insurance information on myPennMedicine?

To update insurance information, patients can log in to their myPennMedicine account and click on the Billing tab. They can update their insurance information by providing their details on the portal.