FAQs – myPennMedicine Portal

Penn Medicine’s myPennMedicine allows you to manage your treatment online. Please send any messages that are not urgent within two business days to your consideration group, and you will receive a response.

The MyPennMedicine app provides convenient access to wellness information from multiple healthcare providers. You can link your records to other health associations for more information about your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are just a few of the most commonly asked questions by myPennMedicine users.

How much does myPennMedicine cost?

The service is free for patients of Penn Medicine.

How do activation codes work?

First-time users need their activation code, zip code, date of birth, and sometimes their social security number when registering for myPennMedicine. To activate your account, follow the instructions under the New User link.

Do I use my activation code as my username?

The username and password for your account on MyPennMedicine do not serve as your activation code. Logging into myPennMedicine for the first time requires the activation code only once. MyPennMedicine requires you to create a username and password when you sign up for the first time.

I forgot my password; what do I do?

Forgot your password? Try this! Password creation can be done using the form. If you follow the directions and correctly answer the reset password question, the password should be reset successfully.

How do I retrieve my myPennMedicine username if I forget it?

Please select Forgot Username? Upon logging into myPennMedicine. Request your myPennMedicine username by completing the form. If you forgot this information or didn’t give them a valid email address, you must contact your myPennMedicine system administrator by calling +1-866-614-7606 so they can help you with the process.

How soon will I be able to access my test results on myPennMedicine?

An email notification will always be sent whenever a new test result is available. Furthermore, you can change the settings related to the notifications you receive when a test has been completed.

What is the process of pre-registration?

In myPennMedicine and with the myPennMedicine app, you can complete some pre-processing tasks before consulting a Penn drug provider through pre-registration. As a result, when you arrive for the consultation, you can register for it.

What is the turnaround time for pre-registration for an appointment?

Pre-registration is possible up to four days before the appointment is agreed upon.

Does myPennMedicine provide security?

Certainly. With myPennMedicine, all communication is encrypted according to federal and state regulations. Registration with a health care clinic is required to gain access. With myPennMedicine, you are the only one with access to your health information.

Can you tell me about your HIPAA privacy practices?

You are entitled to access health information about you under the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices.

How can patients protect their privacy?

The privacy of the health information you provide to Penn Medicine can be controlled in several ways. You can read more about our privacy options for patients.

Can I create my password and change it whenever I want?

In the Profile menu, under Account Settings, you can change your password by clicking Security Settings. Make sure you don’t share your password. Make sure your password is changed if you think someone found it.